New Zealand’s tax system is admired around the world for its simplicity, affordability, and fairness. The capital gains tax proposed by Sir Michael Cullen’s Tax Working Group would put all of this at risk.

It is bureaucratic, costly, and would be the harshest in the world. It will curtail entrepreneurship and investment, meaning a reduction in all New Zealanders’ economic prosperity.

The rate is one of the world’s highest, it would be unfairly levied on inflation, it would require costly and fraught asset valuation, and in many cases it would break the Government’s promises by targeting the family home.

New Zealanders deserve better than this unfair tax.

Your message will be more effective and likely to make a difference to the decisions in the Beehive if you give an example of how the tax will affect you personally.

Email the decision makers to axe this tax.

Use the text below, or write a more personal message. Your message will go to both Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters.

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