4,500 messages to ‘Axe this Tax’ delivered to Beehive

Apr 16, 2019 12:32 PM

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has delivered to the Beehive the first 4,500 submissions made through the Union’s ‘Axe this Tax’ website.
Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams said:
“The Prime Minister said the Government was holding off on making its decision on Michael Cullen’s capital gains tax, and that it wanted public feedback on the proposals. However, they failed to provide any means by which New Zealanders could share their opinion on the tax.”
“That’s why the Taxpayers’ Union set up a website encouraging people to have their say in an email sent directly to the inboxes of Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters. We're also delivering these messages in hard copy to ensure they're not ignored.”
“Over 4,500 New Zealanders have used the tool, and I’d estimate 98 percent of those submissions were firmly opposed to Dr Cullen’s unfair tax. New Zealanders simply don’t want this tax, which would impose massive costs on business, whack lifestyle blocks and farms, and even tax responsible savers for inflation.”

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