Video tips

Video tips

Thousands of New Zealanders have sent compelling stories about how a CGT will affect them and their family. But in politics, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and we would like to share on social media to Government MPs your story- how will Dr Cullen's tax affect you? Would you be willing to film a short video (20 to 40 seconds) describing how the tax would affect you? 

Click below to watch an example from David, a supporter of the campaign:

We can add the captions and do the editing — we just need your story.

We know that real life stories like yours are the most effective tool to sway the decision makers. 

Some tips for filming:

  • Before you begin, test the equipment: record your subject speaking in the position they will be in and play it back to ensure it sounds and looks great

  • Most important is ensuring your setting is interesting and relevant to you.

    • For example, a cook would be videoed with their kitchen in the background

    • A truck driver could stand in front of their vehicle

  • You can video in either portrait or landscape

  • Ideal video length is between 20-45 seconds

  • Make sure there is no overriding background noise which makes it hard to hear the speaker (If you are outside, make sure there is no wind)

  • Make sure there is enough space on either side of the subject’s head in the shot, so that the clip can be cropped if needed

  • If the subject is too small then don’t zoom in, move closer instead

  • Use your phone's headphones/microphone if that improves the sound

  • Speak clearly but naturally, we’re interested in your authentic story, not talking points

Your video file may be large, so we suggest using the tool at to send your video to

The power and persuasiveness of our campaign comes from numbers and from stories like yours, not big budgets. Take 30 seconds now and tell the politicians why they should 'Axe this Tax'.

Thank you for your support.

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